Selasa, 01 November 2011

Janda Seksi Manis : My marriage was going according to plan

After more than two months of marriage, Janda Seksi Manis finally decided to end his household with a basketball player Kris Humphries. According to Kim, her marriage to Kris did not go according to plan.

Actress was born October 21, 1980 did not explain in detail the reasons behind his decision. But Kim had thought carefully about his desire for a divorce.

"After thinking about it, I have decided to end my marriage," Kim said as quoted by E! Online, Tuesday (01/11/2011).

Kim filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court, the United States on Monday (31/10/2011) morning local time. Thus, households who built the couple's only lasted for 72 days.

"I hope everyone understands this is not an easy decision, I hope this marriage is forever. But sometimes, some things do not go as planned," he added.

Although decided to split, Kim claimed to be still a good relationship with Kris. Meanwhile, Kris has not given a statement about divorce his wife.

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