Selasa, 01 November 2011

Janda Seksi Indonesia : Kourtney Kardashian Drunk Harassed

TV star Janda Seksi Indonesia gets unpleasant treatment while on vacation in New York. When walking with his son, he yelled 'whore' by a fan who was drunk.

Kim Kardashian's brother is enjoying his vacation in New York with the children and her lover, Scott Disick. But he had hoped vacation full of excitement that is lost due to a fan commendable behavior.

"I like when walking with my son in the Hamptons. But a drunk shouting b ** ch because I just waved at him without saying anything," writes Kourtney on Twitter as reported by Showbizspy, Thursday (07/07/2011).

Such events is not the first time accepted Kardashian family. Earlier her sister, Kim also had received the ominous behavior of the fans.

"Everyone asked how I was. I'm fine after a fight at the club that night, I'm really good friends," said Kim at the time.

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