Sabtu, 03 Maret 2012

Toket Julia Perez

Almost ending all discussions, Freud thundered, ‘Women can’t contribute to civilization’. With there being very little input from the fairer sex in history compared to men, Freud almost got scot free with his statement. However, with women going through Toket Julia Perez, due to, what the feminists call patriarchy, while it was natural for him to say so, as a reaction, it was not unnatural for feminists to accuse him of being a male chauvinist either. No wonder, the endless clash between feminists and Freudians reminds one of clash of civilizations.

However, irrespective of the clash, her lack of noticeable contributions to history’s pocket civilizations was not due to her innate inability. It was due to her lack of awareness. With men having the key to her awareness, feminists, again, were not wrong in blaming patriarchy for her small contribution in history. Having no education, being stuck at home and not really allowed to
express their views outside, it was, in fact, difficult to expect contribution from them. In fact, with no rights, their lives at times were miserable and Toket Julia Perez empowerment was never even thought of.

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